Fire Department custom dog collar.

$ 20.25

Our custom made, personalized dog collars are made from the strongest and most durable products available today! We use a nylon webbing encased in Cordura fabric (or Military fabric) embroidered with your dog’s name and/or phone number along with your favorite logo! Colorfast, fade resistant 40 wt. rayon thread is used for the embroidery. Cordura is a strong durable fabric commonly used by the U.S. Military for backpacks, vests and many other applications. We use genuine Military fabrics when making the Military collars; ABU, ACU, DESERT DIGITAL, etc.


The collar features the strongest side release contoured buckle design making a one handed release easy while avoiding an accidental release.                                        


We then utilize a nickel plated steel, heavy welded D-ring. Heavy D-rings differ from regular D-rings because they are thicker and have the ability to tolerate greater tension than a non-welded or light weight D-ring would.


Finally, we use a heavy duty tri-glide and contoured keeper which enables you to adjust your collar and maintain shape with no slack.


Sizes available are:


Medium         1”x 13-18”

Large              1”x 16-24”

X Large          1”x 18-28”


Small collars are available but can’t include the logo. The logo can only be stitched on a 1” width or will otherwise lose the detail in design.


Please put all your specifications in a message upon purchase!



All shipping is free within the United States.

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